Rita Schumann: Inspired by Design

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After several years of decorating her own spaces, including multiple apartments and one house of her own later, and constantly being asked “Who was your designer?”, Milwaukee-based designer Rita Schumann decided to take the plunge and pursue design as a full-time career. “I believe that the built environment has the power to effect people in profound ways,” she says.


What’s a product that every room needs?

Great lighting.

Tell us one thing you wish everyone knew about interior design.

Great design can be found online, on sites such as Minted or Art.com or Etsy.

I work to create sophisticated and intelligent spaces that are layered with personality and truly reflect my client’s lifestyles and experiences.

What’s one design hint that never fails that you’ve picked up over the course of your career?

Be true to your own tastes. Trends come and go, but your authentic self will always be in style and will make you happy living in your space. I find that if I am truly drawn to something, for whatever reason, in time it will be what’s “in.” It might take years, but you will always feel ahead of the curve.


Where do you get your inspiration from? Who inspires you?

One word: design. I live, eat, sleep and breath design. I love what I do, and that alone is enough to keep me motivated and inspired.

Tell us about a time that confirmed why you love being an interior designer.

A professional designer has the education and experience to be able to bring a lot to the table. There are a myriad of technical aspects of design that often overlooked, and this is where a trained designer adds value to your project.
But ultimately, it’s important that everybody “clicks” in order to ensure the smooth outcome of any project. If you’re not feeling it? Move on. The designer/client relationship is paramount to success.


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