Designer Hints with Jeanne Campana

Roomhints from Jeanne Campana of Jeanne Campana Design

Why did you decide to become an interior designer?

I loved art from the time I could pick up a crayon and start coloring. As a child, my sister and I shared a bedroom. When we were teenagers, I remember my mom asking us to pick a new color for our room (it was originally wallpaper with pink clowns on it) and letting us rearrange the furniture.

We selected blue and it was fun seeing how different our room could look. One day, while flipping through a home decorating magazine and admiring the interiors of so many beautiful homes, I came across an ad for the New York School of Interior Design in NYC and I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do.

Describe a highlight of your career as a designer.

Seeing any project go from drawings and material boards to a completed installation is always a rewarding experience and having a happy client is an added bonus. However, an interior design student recently commented on one of my Instagram posts a few months ago saying “You’re my role model. I hope to be a great designer just like you”. Being a positive role model to someone just starting out in her own career is definitely a highlight of my career!

What do you wish everyone knew about interior design?

Design is personal. As designers we want to work with your vision, but in the end our job is to make it yours and create a space that reflects your personality, passions and style.

What’s a design hint that never fails you that you’ve picked up over the course of your career?

Measure your doorways before you order your furniture. If it doesn’t fit through the door then you won’t be able to get it into your space.

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