Designer Hints with Lauren Feiner of Feiner Goods

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1. How to add color to a design?  

Textiles! Whether it be a pillow on a side chair, a throw over the back of a sofa or rugs layered over a floor.

Textiles inject a space with color and just bring it to life. I mix patterns, textures and colors. My favorite textiles right now are the worn vintage Aso Oke fabrics from Nigeria with beautiful metallic threads and pops of color.

2. Best colors for a kitchen?

White with hints of gray. My dream kitchen involves bookmatched Calacatta gold. White just lets the beautiful colors of fresh fruit, produce, spices etc pop. It also creates a serene backdrop for the consumption of food which is sensory enough!

3. Your absolute favorite product of all time?    

I have many favorites but I think Muji everything – pens, paper, glass mugs, organizers – rises to the top of my list. I have a fascination with all things Japanese (from afar as the closest I’ve ever gotten is a layover at the Tokyo airport). Muji products bring that clean, uber organized, natural Japanese aesthetic into my home and work space.

4. Designer pet peeve?

Chevron. I love geometrics but there is something about the chunky chevron pattern that is hard for me to stomach visually. I think it is the overabundance of the pattern.

5. Without fail design hint that you have learned over your career?  

Two main hints. Number one is, expect the unexpected. With designing, a lot of things happen not to plan and it’s all about being solutions oriented and solving problems to get to a beautiful result. Number two, design is never done (the slogan of my former employer, One Kings Lane!) While clients are often in a rush to have their homes and spaces finished right away, a space that is truly unique is one where elements have been layered in from travels, flea markets, friends and family. Design is both an evolution and also an opportunity to tell a story. The continuous process of adding on pieces allows a space tell your story.

**** Lauren Feiner is an interior and product designer at Feiner Goods. For more information, visit

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