Meet the Mother-Daughter Interior Design Duo


interior design

The mother daughter interior design duo, Hannah and Sandi of Spruce Interiors. Together, Hannah and Sandi love making a space feel alive and welcoming. “It is the place where you make memories and should be where you feel most at peace.” Says Hannah.

Interview with Hannah

What has been your most challenging interior design project to date and why?

Hannah: “My most challenging interior design project was a bathroom remodel. The husband and wife had completely different tastes (think one uber traditional, one very mid-century modern/minimalist). We were able to compromise on different elements to make everyone happy. It ended up being a gorgeous bathroom – one of my favorite designs.”

interior design

Hannah’s design hints

What is the most common interior design problem you encounter?

Hannah: “A lot of the common interior design problems have simple fixes. I commonly see curtains that are the wrong size or hung too low. In addition, artwork that is too small for the wall or also, hung too low.”

What’s a simple solution to fix this problem?  

Hannah: “First of all, you want your curtains hung 6 inches or higher from the top of the window and 4-8 inches on either side of the edge of the window. This gives the room an elegant feel and can make it even feel bigger. Also, artwork should be hung with the center of the artwork at an average person’s eye level (typically). These small changes make a huge impact to the interior design and really elevate a space.”

interior design

What is one element that can draw a room together?

Hannah: “Pillows are always my go-to when it comes to bringing the interior design of a room together. As a result, good quality pillows that have coordinating prints can really turn a whole room around. Hence, when I find a client has eclectic taste in accessories or furniture, I always strive to find the best pillows to tie it all together. If it’s a room without pillows, as a result, I will look for unique artwork that can give a cohesive feel.”

interior design


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