Nitzan Tagansky of Nitzan Design: Quality and Simplicity

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Keeping it short and sweet with the Manhattan-based interior designer known for dramatically simple, warm-modern interiors. 

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Roomhints: What is one design secret that you’ve learned over your career?

Nitzan Tagansky: The more freedom you give the designer you hired to do their thing, the more successful the outcome of the project.

Can you tell us a design hint that never fails that you’ve learned over your career?

Scale, proportion, and timelessness in design and quality craftsmanship are the ingredients of good design.

Where do you find your inspiration as a designer?

Inspiration can really come from anywhere. We are continually bombarded with images on a daily basis of architecture, art, design, fashion, photography and nature. I find inspiration in those moments when something is done in a particularly simple but clever or striking way.

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