Sacha and Melissa Leclair: Playful Interiors with Personality

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Three quick questions with Sacha and Melissa Leclair, Founders of LeClair Decor. 

Roomhints: When designing a space, what is your first step?

Sacha and Melissa Leclair: A good first step is looking at what the client’s style and personality portray and figuring out how to infuse that into the space.

What is one design secret that you’ve learned over your career?

One secret that we have learned is to have fun with style. You don’t have to pick just one type, you can incorporate multiple styles to create a truly personal space.

Your favorite product and why?

In general we love lighting. Changing lighting fixtures can really update a space and can be a real focal point in a room. Layering lighting is so key for both style and function, it should never be overlooked.

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