Arched Mirror Bathroom Inspiration

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Here is a trend that we are loving right now, adding an arched mirror to your bathroom design.

The arched mirror will add a soft, organic and unique look to the space. In addition, if you get bored of this look in a few years, it can easily be switched out for a rectangle or more ornate designed mirror.

1. Fun & Whimsy Arched Bathroom Mirror

We love this black and curvy bathroom mirror from Lulu & Georgia.

black lulu and georgia arched mirror
By Lulu & Georgia

If you want a more neutral color scheme, go with a silver mirror vs. black. These silver mirrors, as seen in the picture below, are beautiful, soft and when paired with silver faucets and a white bathroom vanity create a stunning look for you bathroom.

silver lulu and georgia arched mirror

2. Wood Arched Mirror

These beautiful wood mirrors pair perfectly with the toilet seat cover. To create this same look, you can go with a gold/brass mirror.

3. Minimal Arched Mirror

We love this mirror paired with the wood console and vessel sink. If you go for this look, make sure your bathroom has the ceiling height for a mirror of this size. This look can still work with a smaller arched mirror too.

Simple, sleek and easy to do.

silver arched mirror new mexico style

4. White Polished Bathroom

Love how in this bathroom the mirror is split between the wall and tile. This creates a wonderful sense of height within the space. This slim mirror easily blends in and does not over power the other elements within this bathroom remodel. Admiring this cabinet and vessel sink as well.

slim arched bathroom mirror

5. Sleek Black Mirror

The colors and pairing with the flowers in this bathroom are perfect. The herringbone tiles add some texture and dimension to the space. In addition, to the concrete vessel sink.

This bathroom could have a rectangle mirror too but again, this arch mirror adds an organic feel to the space.

black large bathroom mirror

6. White & Light Bathroom Mirror

This bathroom design is very similar to #2, but with a white vessel sink, white mirror and vertical subway tiles vs. herringbone style.

The white mirror matches and blends in nicely with the overall bathroom and the arch adds a curve to contrast the horizontal and vertical lines created by the tiles.

cute wonderful arched bathroom mirror

Sending lots of design inspiration and luck to you with your bathroom remodel. For more bathroom inspiration check out our small bathroom ideas or how to hang the perfect bathroom mirror.

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Share these hints with friends! Thank you :)