Guide to Great Designed Bathroom Faucets

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We at Roomhints, absolutely love to search the web for inspiration on bathroom designs. We found a few bathroom faucets we love and just had to share.

1. The Contemporary Cool Bathroom Faucet

Ok, so this faucet is stunning! Made by SKOWLL, I absolutely love the circular handles and the brass design. It has a brushed gold surface finished texture to resist daily scratches, corrosion, or tarnishing and to match the industrial style.

Another cool feature of this beautiful faucet is that the water spout can turn 360 degrees. Seems like a great feature for cleaning the sink. The ability to turn the spout from side to side.

2. The Low Box Design Bathroom Faucet

This faucet is the one for you if you want to make a statement and have your guests comment on this amazing minimal bathroom faucet.

One thing to note this faucet is only suitable for basins with 3 holes, 8″ and above.

3. Large Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

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4. The Wonderful Swan Bathroom Faucet

A few months ago I saw a post on an interior design Facebook community, the post read, “Bought this home and I cannot believe they put in these bathroom faucets, updating them ASAP!” The faucets looked very similar to these swans, that I just love.

Designed by Martin Bardinski Design Studio, Annabel’s is a private club in London. The club spent over £55 million on the redesign.

Image Credit LivingETC
Image credit, LivingETC

Brudnizki’s interior design concept was inspired by a painting of the Garden of Eden. Flora and fauna abound, from the intricate white plasterwork panels bulging with fruit and flowers in the entrance hall, to the tigers, elephants, birds and cheetahs creeping through the nightclub’s carpets, walls and mirrors.

Image Credit LivingETC

5. Rose Quartz Luminous Art Deco Inspired Bathroom Faucet

The stone elements of the lovely Semiprecious Leaves Lever Basin Set are meticulously hand-carved, making each a one-of-a-kind work of art in its own right.  The Semiprecious Fluted Basin Set is designed to be adorned with luminous jewel-like stones to add a luxurious richness to your bathroom.  Further customize the look by selecting among four spout styles: Ribbon & Reed, Classic Textured, Acanthus and Classic Smooth.

6. Shell & Brass Beautiful Bathroom Faucet

Fit for King Neptune and his court.  The Sherle Wagner Shell Basin Set invokes elements of the sea with finely sculpted organic forms.  Available in a variety of metals and finishes.

Sherle Wagner now offers a variety of distinctive bathroom faucets that range in style from the classic to the contemporary.

7. Bird Basin Faucet

This beautiful bird basin faucet design is made to order. Comes in over 20 different colors. Learn more at P.E. Geurin


2 ⅛” spout base
4 ½” spout center-to-center
2 ½” handle escutcheon
6 ½” knob
Shown 12″ on center

Let us know what you think of the above bathroom faucets or if you want to show us your awesome designed bathroom, find use on Instagram. Use #roomhints below your post or @roomhints.

Happy designing.

Share these hints with friends! Thank you :)