What is Conscious Design?

Building a home through conscious design

I am a spiritual entrepreneur, wife, mother and friend, and it is my vision to inspire others to create authentic, joy filled lives. I aim to help people to understand how to incorporate these principles into building a home.


[blockquote author=”” pull=”pullright”]My joy in life is to create energy rich environments that allow people to come together to create connection, love and community.[/blockquote]

What’s one thing that is often forgotten when building a home?

Quality lighting.

Tell us one thing you wish everyone knew about interior design.

Interior design is not an overnight process, contrary to what HGTV wants you to think. A quality, beautiful home takes thought, time and heart to design. You can’t have it over night.


What’s a design hint that never fails that you’ve learned over your career?

I have learned only to design when I feel relaxed and connected to my inner guidance. When I try to force the design, I can’t connect to the client. When I approach it by thinking of who they are and how they want to live, I can design from a place of service and not ego. That has allowed me to create more authentic beauty than anything else.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Who inspires you?

From nature. almost always but I am also inspired by artists and other vendors who create beautiful, handmade products like Sara Paloma pottery and Tracey Kessler, fine painter.

Tell us about a time that confirmed why you love being an interior designer.

I had a client tell me that when we finished her home, her life changed. She began to invite friends over, her community expanded, and her marriage took a strong turn for the better. Knowing that inspires me to keep doing what I do.


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