3 Hints for Choosing the Best Wallpaper for Your Home

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Choosing the best wallpaper for your home can be tricky. We’ve interviewed these interior designers for their best design hints when it comes to choosing the perfect wallpaper.

Go for the unexpected

Elizabeth: “Go for the unexpected. Living in the world of Instagram, it’s so easy to copy a look. I see the same look over and over again on people’s feeds and it starts to feel boring after a while. I always tell my clients that their home should be a reflection of them, not something seen multiple times online, and the same goes for wallpaper. You may find a paper you love on someone’s feed, but tweak the other details of the space to make it your own!”

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Plan ahead

Lori: “I like to introduce the concept of wallpaper very early into a space’s design. If the room has lots of neutral elements and good layers of foundation, then a cheerful, striking paper may be just what the space needs. If the furnishings are vibrant, a subdued, neutral paper may be a better backdrop. But either way, deciding early is key to hitting the right balance.

The selection of wallpaper is quite similar to the selection of all other design elements in the room: make sure you love it, like really love it.”

Consider the room and its purpose

Amy: “You really need to consider the room you are designing for. If it is a more casual, relaxing atmosphere in the room, a good neutral textured wallpaper, like a grasscloth, can do wonders to add some warmth to the space. If your aesthetic is more energetic, don’t be afraid to be more adventurous in your choices. Don’t be afraid to go bold. I almost always find that clients who take the greatest risks find the greatest joy in their homes.”

I almost always find that clients who take the greatest risks find the greatest joy in their homes.

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Don’t treat it as an afterthought

Elizabeth: “When I incorporate wallpapers into a space, I always keep in mind the design scheme as a whole. It is never an afterthought because a space should be seen as a sum of all parts. I always consider fabrics, furniture, paint, etc. Wallpaper is just another added detail that pulls the room together!”

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Current yet timeless

Elizabeth: “I work hard to make sure my designs never look like the latest FADs. I want everything to be timeless, so while there are pieces to the puzzle that are quite current (and sometimes it’s the wallpaper), there are always checks and balances in place. For instance, I would balance a modern paper with a more traditional piece of furniture, or a classic fabric scheme. Something to ground it. I don’t want people to look at my design and think, that looks so 2018, or whatever year it is designed in.”

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Make sure it’s cohesive

Amy: “Wallpaper itself does not make a room.  It is just one element.  It needs to be cohesive with the furniture, accessories, and other textures in a room to give it that completed look.  Lots of layering of different elements is what will make your space interesting.  I am not a believer in designing for the next consumer.  Enjoy your home for you and your family.  The good thing is, wallpaper is not permanent.  So if the next buyer does not want it in their home, they can have it removed.”

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Elizabeth: “Don’t let the paper be the only star. Incorporate it into the room. Play up the colors by adding complimentary colors for a bolder look, or ground it by adding woods or more neutral furniture. Just try and be thoughtful and you wont go wrong.”

Don’t fall for trendy

Amy: “I believe it is really important to choose a wallpaper that is distinct and different and not the latest trend on Pinterest or Houzz. By choosing the latest trend, you are setting yourself up for disappointment once that trend is finished. Choose something that completes not only that room but your home and makes you happy every time you walk into that room.”

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