Farmhouse Decor hints from Sheila, Founder of Maison de Cinq

Roomhints interviewed Sheila Irwin, founder of Maison de Cinq to discuss her style, how she incorporates vintage items into her designs to create that perfect farmhouse decor look!!

1. Briefly tell us a bit about you:

“I’m a Design Blogger/Interior Decorator living in Los Angeles with my husband and three children. On my blog, Maison de Cinq, I strive to help others achieve that mix of casual and chic in their own homes. I love the farmhouse decor style.” Says Sheila.

“My style is what I call “Casual Chic.” Incorporating French and Swedish influences, but with a clean and updated aesthetic.”
2. Why did you start a career in interior design?

Sheila: “I’ve been enamored with design all my life. From choosing my own carpeting and wallpaper for my room when I was 12, to decorating my first apartment floor to ceiling, design has always been a passion. I spent almost 20 years working as a fashion stylist in Los Angeles before I made the switch, and I’m so glad I did! I always say I like fashion, but I LOVE design. As a result, I literally wake up thinking about it, and go to bed dreaming of it. And helping others decorate a house that they love to come home to has been both creatively satisfying and incredibly rewarding!”

farmhouse decor ideas3. Tell us about a time that confirmed why you love being an interior designer?

Sheila: “When I finished my very first design job, and it felt like I was finally where I’m meant to be.”

4. Your favorite space to design?

Sheila: “The kitchen, because it’s everyone’s favorite room and truly the heart of the home.”

5. Your favorite hints (products) to create that farmhouse decor look?

Sheila: “Antiques! Vintage and flea market shopping are two of my absolute favorite things. They are great for finding those perfect items to create the farmhouse decor look. I love antique mirrors, old art, ironstone, candle holders (I have way too many!), urns, and sconces.”

6. One thing you wish everyone knew about interior design?

Sheila: “How important antiques are to a room! Everyone thinks you can simply order from a catalog and decorate a whole room, but then they wonder why it doesn’t feel quite right. Therefore, by adding something vintage or antique to every space really elevates it. It adds texture and patina, AND it makes your house unique to you so that it’s unlike anyone else’s. Also, don’t match all the woods in a room – ever! (sorry, that was two!)”

7. Without fail design hint that you have learned over your career?

Sheila: “Windows need dressing! It’s like having pierced ears, but not wearing earrings. Drapes, blinds, roman shades… it doesn’t matter, but windows definitely look better dressed. For the farmhouse decor look try using curtains or drapes with patterns.”

8. How would you define the creative process?

“It’s about getting to know the client as a person. What they love. What excites them. And then trying to find that perfect balance for them, together. I’m very collaborative. I don’t believe in just decorating someone’s house without their input.” Says Sheila

9. What are some hints to help to pull the whole room together?

Sheila: “Adding life (plants), an amazing rug and texture. Also, art is a big one!”

10. Who are your favorite designers?

Suzanne Kasler, Pamela Pierce, Jane Moore, Brooke Giannetti, Lisa Luby Ryan, Carol Glasser. I’ve very drawn to Southerners, and I’m sure that is partly because many of them have a French influence to their style and use vintage items.” States Sheila.

11. What inspires you?

“My family. They are the reason I do what I do. Above all, it’s not about pretty rooms, or perfect homes, but about making homes comfortable so that they are a respite from our sometimes harsh world. I want my family, and every client I work with, to walk in at the end of a long day and feel comforted and surrounded by things they love.” States Sheila.



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