How to Add Patterned Bathroom Tile to Your Bathroom Remodel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Choosing the right patterned bathroom tile can make a huge impact on the space. We’ve compiled 3 bathroom tile ideas from amazing interior designers who swear by them.



bathroom tile ideas
Images by Sabrina Cole Quinn. Design by Aimee Anderson.


Why do you recommend this product?

Lori: “As wall covering has once again become not only acceptable but extremely popular, I’m finding clients are craving more pattern and texture in general (as am I – I try never to repeat myself!), including the bath. This graphic tile presents a satisfying but not overwhelming motif that could be appropriate in both traditional (say, California Spanish) and modern (mid-century, perhaps) baths, providing an interesting but still spa-like, calming backdrop. The polished patterned bathroom tile is beachy-sky blue, soothing and fairly neutral, and a nice counterpoint to the powdery texture of the grout.”

Tineke: “The Muziek Collection is an exquisite new bathroom tile collection.  Inspired by the luxury, glamour and modernism of the Art Deco movement, its 12 distinctive designs are untied in their bold geometric forms, exotic style and exuberance of a bygone era.  Each design is made with the finest Italian marble and beautiful hand leathered finishes.”

What are some of your best designer hints when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles?

Lori: “Try for timeless rather than trendy — you don’t want to hate it in five years. Use patterned tile as an accent if it’s too bold or too pricey for the whole bath. Don’t be afraid to mix tile styles in the bath (for example, a patterned encaustic tile floor in a modern bath or a sleek glass tile shower in a more traditional bath). Consider tile thicknesses when mixing styles and watch transitions. Use tiles that work with the architecture and style of the house, are within budget, and are something the owner won’t get tired of. Use matching tile trim pieces or metal profiles such as Schluter where tile meets drywall — no unfinished edges showing!”

patterned bathroom tile ideas
Images by Sabrina Cole Quinn. Design by Aimee Anderson.

Tineke: “I love working with tile in a bathroom as it can provide such strong a point of interest — either on a wall, the floor or both.  However when using tile on both the bathroom floor and walls, it’s important that the patterns chosen are not the same scale. The current trend is to have really interesting tile on the floor – it’s like adding a beautiful rug to a room.”

Aimee Anderson: “Focus on one design moments in the room you are designing. Go big on one thing. Strive for something different, something that has never been done before. Design for your client. It’s their space. The room should match their personality.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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