A Stunning Kids Bedroom Design You HAVE to See!

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A kids bedroom is the perfect place to get creative and playful, and creating the ultimate kid sanctuary can be an exciting interior design process. This animal-themed kids bedroom is sure to wow both kids and parents!

kids bedroom

Meant for the young, the wild, and the wandering, this is a room for the explorer in all of us. A space intended for climbing, hanging, and pure adventure, a shelter for the seeker of all things fun and free.

Can you describe the pieces in this room?

The walls wrapped in ombre wallpaper create the landscape and foundation for the room. In fact, the initial inspiration was this wallpaper from Calico, which reminded me of an African sunrise/sunset and helped me form my vision for the safari theme. Textures borrowed from a wild Saharan adventure abound: rolled netting fastened with leather, tufted linen layered with handwoven fabrics, ebbing edges of the termite mound enclosure. The tree fort inspired bunk bed creates a lofted space — an escape from reality. Carved gym rings hang from the ceiling adding another playful dimension. The giraffe-inspired rug from Kyle Bunting roots the space, while projected illumination from Lightform and a silhouetted mural add unexpected layers. I wanted to create a space that had many playful layers to uncover in every nook and cranny of the room.

kids bedroom

What’s your favorite piece?

It is so hard to pick a favorite piece; however, everyone, young and old, loved the termite mound/anthill-inspired play structure.

What do you love about this room?

This design is as functional as it is playful. It features colorful, whimsical elements: ombre wallpaper, tree-fort bunk beds, anthill play space to crawl inside, carved gym rings, light-projecting elephant mask, and an area to do arts and crafts. The table and chairs are very light and kid-friendly.

What was the process like?

We converted a plain, white box room into a colorful updated safari-inspired room. We worked in layers, first prepping the room, making the walls and floors design-ready. Once the wallpaper was installed, we brought in the artist, Cody Blocker, to paint silhouetted safari animals that have a three-dimensional impact. We did not want the mural to take away from the wallpaper, so we kept its scope to one corner of the room.

kids bedroom

We built a wood mask of an elephant and collaborated with Phil Reyneri of Lightform, a technology that allows projection on 3D surfaces, on developing content that projects onto the elephant mask. Designing furniture was a very collaborative process. We collaborated with Shaum Mehra, who brought our concept of the anthill play space into a safe space for kids. The rug was also a collaborative process. We worked with the team at Kyle Bunting to custom color the rug to fit the overall design scheme. Even coordinating installation was a collaborative effort as each piece came from a different resource.

kids bedroom

What was the hardest part about designing this room?

One of the hardest parts about designing this room was to edit back some of our ideas and pieces so that the room was not to cluttered (as most kids rooms are). Additionally, coordinating all the moving parts and making sure the installation was completed in a timely matter proved to be difficult.

What are some drawbacks to this room?

There are a lot of custom elements that can’t easily be replicated. For example, we had a muralist paint the silhouetted safari animals. However, the wallpaper is still great on its own.

kids bedroom

Interior design is about expressing yourself. In a kids bedroom, where imaginations run wild, getting in touch with your “inner explorer” is a must.

About Sherry Hope-Kennedy

Award-winning Bay Area designer Sherry Hope-Kennedy of Studio SHK is committed to creative and functional eco-conscious design that reflects the lifestyles and personalities of her clients. Studio SHK works within a broad range of styles including contemporary, modern, traditional, and classic, and strives to capture the inherent character of a place and the spirit of its inhabitants.

Sherry has an MFA in interior architecture and design. She is the President-Elect of the Northern California Chapter of ASID and a member of IIDA. Her work has been featured across the web and in print including, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, San Francisco Magazine, Rue Daily and California Home + Design. Her firm has won multiple first place prizes including a San Francisco Design Week Awards and two ASID Northern California awards.

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