Clean, Subtle, Luxurious Interiors with Martin Kobus

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Calm, welcoming spaces showcase a modern aesthetic to create luxurious interiors

Martin Kobus is the founder of Martin Kobus Home. A lifetime of immersion in the design world has shaped his clean, subtle, luxury interior design. A Dutch native, he studied design in the Netherlands and Italy, giving his work a distinctively European lineage. MK Home products were licensed in a major Japanese department store, bringing his stylish and eclectic interior design vision across the Pacific. Today, he designs for clients seeking his textured, layered interiors that speak to each home’s individual strengths to create the utmost luxurious interiors. Martin’s creative team and studio are dedicated to bringing his vision to life.


What’s a product that every room needs?

Martin Kobus: “Fragrance.”

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about interior design?

Martin: “More than half of the work is psychology!”

What’s a design hint that’s never failed you over your career?

Martin Kobus: “Flexibility.”


Where do you get your inspiration from? Who inspires you?

Martin Kobus: “luxury, leisure and travel.”


Tell us about a time that confirmed why you love being an interior designer.

Martin Kobus: “When we completed our dream, masterpiece estate in Rancho Mirage, California. The space was a truly luxurious interior.”

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