Stunning Pink Tile Bathroom Remodel

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Tell us about this gorgeous modern pink tile bathroom remodel

Jen: “The client I worked with for this home was amazing and very open to different bathroom remodel ideas and trying new things. She wanted to take some risks, which was lovely. This  space was originally a second laundry room which we transformed to a bathroom for her 10 year old daughter.”

“The client wanted to take some risks, which was lovely.”

How did you decide on the pink tile for this bathroom remodel?

Jen: “We were exploring different bathroom designs for this space and the client and I both fell in love with the idea of pink tile. We wanted to downplay this pink tile bathroom or else it can be too much pink! It took awhile to find the right color pink and porcelain. The tiles are from South Cypress and shipped out of New Jersey. ”


What about the rest of the bathroom?

Jen: “The vanity for this bathroom remodel was custom made. It’s clean and timeless.”

[blockquote pull=”pullright”]Hint: Good design always has bits of timeless elements to it. If you go big on any one trend it will date itself quickly.[/blockquote]


Any other fun designs you did for this home?

Jen: “We did a beautiful all navy living room with custom built ins.”

How did you know that such a dark navy would work?

Jen: “I had an instinct that the all navy would work for the space.  My job is to push the client outside of their comfort zone but not too far out. I really listen to the client and know how much I can push with design and where I need to pull back.”

Navy Blue Living room

How did you start your career in interior design?

Jen: “I came to the design world in a bit of a backwards fashion. I got my MFA in installation art and have training in fine art. After graduating I worked in the art world and found myself installing large scale installations. Which is very similar to interior design. I was constantly thinking about building a composition around the artwork. Understanding how the shapes, different materials and sizes fit together within the space.”

What would you say was your “lucky break” or your “start” to being an interior designer?

Jen: “My very first project was for Stuart Weitzman’s daughter in New York in 2010. I had done a piece pro bono for a restate agent and the press picked it up on Daily Candy and through that I was found by Stuart Weitzman’s daughter.”

How would you describe your style?

Jen: “It’s tough to define my style with one word. I would say, modern Bauhaus, I love to mix high and low, modern with vintage and a timeless element is apart of every design. My style is very curated. You are never going to see the same project twice from me. I love to collaborate with the client because that is where the true design magic can happen.”

How do you keep your designs interesting and unique?

Jen: “I work to curate each space for that individual client. Mixing in vintage and one of a kind objects naturally makes the space more interesting. I am working on a project right now and we are doing all 80’s. 80’s is coming back hardcore! We are doing a modern version of the 80’s, through a sophisticated lens, blended with sculptural furniture pieces. I rely heavily on Chairish1st Dibs and my shortlist of dealers that I call to source many great vintage items.”

Timeless Contemporary Interior Design

Do you ever do commercial interior design work?

Jen: “I do commercial work and like it because it’s fast and straight forward. There are not as many emotions involved. But I prefer residential as it affects people’s lives at a personal level. I like to see that positive impact through design.”

Lastly, where do you see the art of interior design going in the future?

Jen : “Interior design, as is retail,  is trending away from the big box, such as Walmart and Starbucks. Clients are moving away from a design- in- a- box model to wanting work with an actual designer and have that personal experience that is more meaningful. People want to connect. They want to connect with the story of an artisan or artist that created their wallpaper or coffee table which in term creates the story of their space and the design results are better. The design is more personalized and sustainable.”

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