How to Style Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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Blue kitchen cabinets are a huge design trend right now, but they are a timeless look. How exactly do you pull them off? We’ve come up with 14 ways to style blue kitchen cabinets!

1. White Subway Tile

A popular backsplash to pair with blue kitchen cabinets is the white subway tile. This duo is both classic and trendy, making it a timeless yet stylish pairing. The crisp, clean look of white subway tiles against the playful yet sophisticated blue makes for a modern, contemporary color palette.

Interior design: The Fox Group

Cabinet design: CS Cabinetry

Interior styling: Saltbox Collective

In this blue kitchen by Saltbox Collectivewhite subway tile with dark grout peeks through the kitchen cabinets. This simple look is perfect against the dark blue cabinetry, which may look overwhelming against any other backsplash (especially since it is all closed shelving).

blue kitchen cabinets, blue kitchens, gold hardware, gold faucet

The blue and white color palette is accented with brass hardware in the cabinet pulls and in the light fixtures. Stainless steel appliances complete the look of this modern kitchen.

ProHINT: Pay attention to the detail in the woodwork of the cabinetry and the kitchen island. This craftsmanship helps to highlight the kitchen cabinets and adds visual interest. Without it, the kitchen cabinets may look too dark and dull.

2. Patterned Tile Floor

If you’re entertaining the thought of blue kitchen cabinets, chances are you’re willing and looking to spruce up your home with fun colors and playful designs. Why not go all the way with a patterned tile floor to complete the look? This kitchen from Granada Tile is a contemporary kitchen with Spanish flair, due to the patterned tile. The white subway tile, wood barstools, and subtle lighting and hardware make it so that the rest of the kitchen doesn’t clash with this decorative tile.

These light blue cabinets by James M. Davie Design Inc. is a fun twist to the blue kitchen. The black countertops ground the look and prevent it from looking less pastel-like and more sophisticated. The red in the patterned tile adds the perfect contrast to this all-blue kitchen, and the gold hardware in the lighting and black cabinet pulls definitely add to this sophistication.

3. Brass Hardware

There’s something incredibly charming about blue kitchen cabinets accented with brass hardware. The warmth in the brass is the perfect contrast to the cool blue. This pairing is also super versatile: you can make this combo look more modern and contemporary, rustic, farmhouse, luxurious, or chic depending on the aesthetic of your home.

This contemporary kitchen by deVOL Kitchens has some rustic flair due to the exposed beams and cement flooring. The blue color palette and exposed beaming definitely tie as the star of the show in this gorgeous kitchen. ProHINT: Exposed beaming is definitely a great use of tall ceilings. Consider this option when you are unsure of what to do with vertical space! The look of brass hardware paired with blue kitchen cabinets is subtle, but impactful.

We love how the designers chose to use blue paneled walls instead of a standard backsplash. It gives this kitchen a streamlined, cohesive look and a more rustic, almost farmhouse feel. This simple shelf used for storage and hanging kitchen items is innovative and almost invisible!

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4. Marble Countertops

Marble countertops and blue kitchen cabinets definitely have an eye-catching effect. The blue in the cabinetry helps to bring out the gray marble veining, and highlights the sleek look of marble countertops. In this kitchen by J Morris Design, the kitchen cabinets, marble countertops, and light wood flooring create a cool toned color palette that shines under the recessed lighting. We love how the marble slabs extend to the floor for a cohesive, impactful look.

5. Mosaic Backsplash

Whether you go with a patterned tile or marble countertops, blue kitchen cabinets are sure to take these design elements to the next level. A mosaic backsplash is no different. In this beautiful kitchen by Molie Malone, the black mosaic backsplash gives this blue kitchen a luxurious effect. Against the blue kitchen cabinets, the backsplash makes this kitchen look chic and sophisticated.

The glass open shelving with gold hardware is the perfect addition to this backsplash. Rather than obstructing the view, it plays up the luxurious element of this gorgeous backsplash.

The clear, bubble-like light pendants have a similar effect. They don’t obstruct the flow of the room or obscure the show-stopping backsplash, but rather draw attention to it. The alternating heights of these pendants is the perfect touch.

We love how the warm wood countertop looks against this rich blue color palette. The blackboard makes this kitchen feel a little less serious and a little more like home. ProHINT: Use fun accessories like writing boards in your kitchen to add personality to your space in an affordable way.

6. Warm Wood

It is probably no surprise to you that blue kitchen cabinets and wood floors is a designer favorite. Again, it’s all about the warmth that wood brings to this cool color palette. Although this is a timeless pairing, there are actually a ton of options you can choose from in terms of the shade of wood and blue. ProHINT: When designing a blue kitchen, it is extremely important to pick the right shade! Make sure that you pick the right shade of blue depending on your home’s aesthetic and style and the impact that you’re going for.

Design by bd homes interiors.

Which shade of blue is right for you? Do you want a navy blue kitchen for a dark, luxurious effect? Do you want a slate, cottage-style blue, perfect for country, farmhouse kitchens? A pale, dusty sky blue for a more coastal effect, perfectly mimicking the blue ocean or sky? Or a pastel or aqua blue for more eclectic or retro kitchens? Whether you go with turquoise or slate, or whether you’re looking for dark luxury or light, airy coolness, a blue kitchen is sure to pack a punch.

7. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are the jewelry of the home. Gorgeous light pendants are the perfect way to style a kitchen. While you can opt for more affordable countertops that are just as beautiful or preserve your old cabinetry and make them good as new with a fresh coat of (blue) paint, there’s a uniqueness in the design of a beautiful light fixture that is hard to match or replace. Light fixtures frame your kitchen and are often times the first thing you guests see and are drawn to, so definitely consider splurging on these worthwhile investment pieces!

In this kitchen by Saltbox Collective, the brass light fixtures play well with the wood barstools and add the perfect contrast to the blue kitchen island. They are simple and streamlined but make a bold impact. The paint color in this kitchen is “Soot” by Benjamin Moore.

8. Barstools

Similarly, it is important to style your blue kitchen with beautiful barstools. ProHINT: Rely on your barstools to play up the aesthetic that you’re aiming for. For example, use traditional barstools in classic kitchens, simple, modern and streamlined barstools in more contemporary settings, or vintage looking barstools for a more bistro effect. Your barstools instantly inject character and personality into your kitchen.

Design by Molie Malone.

9. Home Bar

Using a different color in a small corner of your home is a great way to distinguish that space and to add visual interest to your kitchen. If you have a mini home bar in your kitchen, consider painting it blue for a charming effect. Blue kitchen cabinets are a great way to break up the monotony of a white space, and opting for a blue home bar helps to draw eyes and attention to this luxurious section of your home.

Design by Kristin Casey Interiors.

10. Cottage Farmhouse

In a farmhouse kitchen, a light blue has a calming, tranquil effect. It is playful, fun, and airy. ProHINT: Dark blue kitchen cabinets are beautiful in urban areas, but light blue is the perfect, cool color for homes in hotter climates.

In this kitchen by Jen Talbot, the dusty blue adds a hint of color in this white kitchen. ProHINT: A great interior design rule is to create gentle contrasts. Don’t overdo it — it is easy to make a blue kitchen too dark or too overwhelming. Talbot creates gentle contrasts in this kitchen by breaking up the pastel blue with white subway tile and kitchen appliances.

11. Two Toned

A fun way to style blue kitchen cabinets is to incorporate two tones of blue. It creates a casual effect, and is great for creating contrast in a smaller kitchen. In this kitchen by Carolyn Rebuffel, the two shades of blue work well with all the wood and white in this kitchen. Silver hardware makes it so that nothing clashes in this eclectic kitchen.

12. Accent Color

Don’t underestimate the importance of accent colors! Accent colors are a great way to add personality, character, and visual interest. Some fool-proof color combos are blue and gray, blue and white (of course!), and blue and brown. Conversely, you can just paint the kitchen island or the lower/top cabinets blue instead of an all-blue kitchen. Overall, this has the effect of maintaining your white color palette and using blue as purely a fun accent color.

In this project by Summer Thornton Design, a pop of blue in the kitchen island helps to make these all-white kitchens all the more memorable.

13. Exposed Brick

The same way that brass hardware and wood flooring introduce an element of warmth to a blue kitchen, exposed brick gives a blue kitchen a bold and distinct look. Don’t think that exposed brick is only suited for rustic aesthetics. In this kitchen by deVOL Kitchens, the exposed brick adds personality to this modern and contemporary kitchen.

The exposed brick helps to define the wall and the kitchen space, which is a great move in open-concept spaces. The window treatments in the wall and ceiling windows are stunning and help to light up this gorgeous space. Lastly, we love how the bookshelf in the kitchen makes the kitchen area feel like a part of the home.

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14. Open Shelving and Display Cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets are beautiful, but can tend to be overwhelming. A great way to avoid this pitfall is to incorporate open shelving and display cabinets as opposed to entirely closed shelving. It is a subtle but great way to break up the blue and to add visual interest. In this kitchen by Dan Scotti Design, the open shelving allows the blue subway tile backsplash to peek through. The white shelving adds a gentle contrast to the all-blue.

This kitchen definitely leans more on the cooler side, and the light wood flooring complements this color palette perfectly. The all-blue helps to make this huge kitchen with two islands look cohesive. Because the blue already packs a punch, minimal but stunning light fixtures and barstools are the perfect addition to this kitchen.

In this kitchen by deVOL Kitchens, the blue cabinetry is styled with warm wood, impactful light fixtures, white subway tile, and brass hardware — all things we love and recommend! In this kitchen, the designers went with closed, open, and display shelving. Switching up your shelving offers both form and function. Display shelving also looks stunning if you have nice dish ware to show off — it’s like window treatments for your cabinetry!

This kitchen is the perfect example of how to mix different colors, textures and materials, and styles and influences. This modern, contemporary kitchen has a bit of rustic flair thanks to the light fixtures, mixes warm woods with cool blues, and has a hint of farmhouse decor through the white subway tile and dining table bench.

The designers chose to make use of the vertical space with dramatic, low-hanging light fixtures. The blue on either side of this space help to tie this entire space together in a cohesive way.

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