Warm Minimalism: How to Achieve it in Your Home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the emergence of so many new trends, there’s a tendency for all of these trends to converge and intertwine to create a mixed aesthetic that appeals to those who can’t just settle on one interior design style. Enter warm minimalism: a balance between comforting hues and simplistic chicness. This aesthetic appeals to many, as it’s able to satisfy those who deem minimalism too cold, but love the stylistic value of a pared-down design.

While minimalism has reigned supreme in the interior design world for quite a few years now, it’s gotten a warmer update with the inclusion of new colors, styles and arrangements. Here’s how to inject a bit more coziness into an often oversimplified style.

warm minimalism

1. The trick is subtlety

The trick is subtlety, and this can be found most evidently in a summer home our design team completed in Roxbury, Connecticut. This home had great bones, but felt flat and uninspired. The homeowners liked the idea of a minimalistic mid-century modern design, so our designer got to work in bringing in subtle elements to achieve this and provide a bit more comfort to this stark summer home.

warm minimalism

2. Go for paint

While most minimalist designs boast white walls, we encourage you to take a step in a new direction by choosing a new paint color to bring a bit more warmth into the space. Blush tones, subtle olive greens, or light greiges are all shades are all quiet enough to work in a contemporary minimal design but add depth and a more comfortable ambiance to the space.

warm minimalism

3. Mid-century furniture is the way to go

Creating a space of that evokes warm minimalism also requires some thinking about the style of the furniture. As minimalism is all about simplicity and clean lines, you’ll want to be sure your pieces feature these elements when sourcing furniture, and what better style to look for these characteristics than traditional mid-century shapes? The swooping curved lines provide a more welcoming feeling than a harsh angular piece, which was something this home was sorely needing. Our designer incorporated these Eames-inspired counter stools from AllModern to reinforce the importance of a mid-century staple, but add a contemporary minimal addition to what can sometimes be a stale area.

warm minimalism

The thin tapered legs evoke a simplistic minimalism that can be seen in other pieces in the space, the hairpin legs of like end table. And while some may think that white is too cold of a color, never fear— these chairs come in a wide variety of colors and are available at many furniture stores.

4. Incorporate minimal geometric patterns

While maintaining a pared down minimal design, the home should also have some excitement. Looking to the guest bedroom of this summer home, our designer wanted to incorporate a minimal geometric pattern that was not too attention-grabbing so that it fit in seamlessly with the rest of the perfectly edited room. This duvet from AllModern boasts a thin white and purple geometric print that pulls its shade from the purple wall artwork and rug. Pairing a stark wall with a refined pattern and small pops of warm shades succeeds in bringing this eclectic room together with a distinct sense of style.

warm minimalism

5. Minimalist but unique

Another favorite room that perfectly encompasses the achieved aesthetic is the upstairs bedroom, that introduces this martini side table from West Elm. The combination of this true minimalist piece, with the subtle hue of the walls, another Eames inspired chair, and a classic pop of color through artwork allows this room to carve out a specific look that is unparalleled.

warm minimalism

The side table in particular is interesting and crucial to the design, because not only does it have a neutral shade that doesn’t distract from the space, but the clean sloping martini shape brings the clean lines this home so desperately needed to bring in some warmth. Minimal design requires a careful edit that can oftentimes leave a room feeling cold, but with the right additions to the space, yours can be bright and welcoming without having to sacrifice style. The scaled back decor of this room lends itself to making each piece shine with importance, with everything in its proper place.


What did you think of these 5 hints for incorporating warm minimalism into your space? For more information, check out decoraid.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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